St. Barnabas Waunarlwydd

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Message from our Vicar

Pye’s Ponderings

To everyone at St John’s, Gowerton and St Barnabas, Waunarlwydd,

Saint David’s Day

When we think of Saint David’s day, we think very little about the man we are celebrating. From my experiences of the day there was very little mention of the man who did so much for Christianity in Wales. I can remember taking part in school eisteddfod’s, eating cawl and welsh cakes and wearing traditional Welsh costume, daffodils and leeks but I can’t remember much being said about the Saint who we were celebrating, and I went to a Welsh school! Saint David was a remarkable man, with a remarkable story that starts even from his birth. He was born to a Saint – Saint Non who is said to have given birth in the middle of a great storm. It was expected that David would be a priest from a young age and so he was sent to a monastery to be taught by another Saint – Saint Paulinus. It is said that Saint David performed many miracles during his lifetime, the most famous of these seem to be restoring the sight of his tutor Saint Paulinus when his sight began to fail him and more famous again, causing the ground to raise up under his feet when preaching to a crowd. St David is also the reason that the national symbol of Wales is a Leek as he instructed the Welsh army to place leeks on their helmets to be able to differentiate between the Welsh Army and the Saxons in battle. But arguable more importantly than all this, Saint David founded multiple monasteries and churches around Wales and brought the Gospel to many of the Pagans and continued to influence the faith of those in Wales long after his death. It is believed that Saint David died on 1st of March 589AD aged over 100 years of age and therefore his Saints Day is celebrated today.

Lord, we pray that you would continue to make your people miracle makers in your world, help us to comfort and care for those around us whether through an act of kindness or just a word of encouragement.

Finally Lord, we thank you for Saint David, he faced many trials in his life give us the strength to be like David, unshaken in our faith in you.